One 3ds Max® plugin to bring
your site plan to life

Used by Cicada Design
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Automate repetitive tasks

Pavement materials

Create parametric roads and pavement materials with few clicks, Instantly get access to a material library with over 70 presets.

Curbed areas

Bring your 2d architectural site plan to life, create a clean, detailed geometry that can be used as a solid base for your scene.

Terrain, Water & Snow

Quickly add terrain features, lakes, and snow geometry – Pick a spline area, specify the preset and Generate, done!


Create a hyper-realistic grass geometry with Supergrass, It’s very easy to use and uses less memory than scattered geometry.

Transform your 2D site plan into a clean 3D geometry with few clicks.

Cityscape Pro is a complete solution for modeling urban areas. A non-destructive, parametric workflow helps you easily incorporate revisions.

Cityscape Pro has streamlined our production workflow allowing artists to focus on creating visually appealing imagery without being hung up on technical challenges of site modeling.

Jon Neilon

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What’s inside

Compatible with 3ds Max 2017 – 2024 and supports most render engines
Easy model revisions. use a non-destructive workflow without any additional effort
Robust software that can handle city-scale models and generate a clean geometry
A super fast learning curve plus great documentation and customer support